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I'm Kristen Ryder (Philistine)!

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (AKA Holistic Nutritionist), Gut Healing Expert and gut healthy recipe creator - creating mouth-watering foods that help you heal at the same time!

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I wasn't willing to settle for a "normal" life of feeling uncomfortably bloated and sick every day.  So I created a gut healing lifestyle that allowed me to eat mouth-watering meals and helped me heal at the same time. I never wanted to take a break from it because I could still enjoy my favorite foods and felt better than I had ever felt in years!

What's the point if you are stuck feeling so restricted that you can't enjoy your new bloat (insert any symptoms here) free life OR worse - you haven't seen or felt any results? It should be both a lifestyle that you enjoy AND helps you heal at the same time!

I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner so I can help you do the same!

Work With Me!

My story is a lot like yours

I went through my own healing journey after experiencing many symptoms that I was told were "normal", but the daily bloating (I looked and felt 6 months pregnant most nights!), abdominal pain, battling bouts of diarrhea and constipation, chronic fatigue, persistent colds, hormone imbalances, hair loss and not feeling like myself could NOT be my new "normal". Who wants to live that way?? I was downright miserable and not ready to give up!

I was determined to fight for my health and pursue my own healing journey - naturally with real food!

No more symptoms under the rug. No medications. No bandaids. No quick fixes, fads or restrictive diets. Just real, nutrient dense whole foods.

I quickly realized that in order for my health to be sustainable, I needed a diet full of nutrient dense, whole foods that I enjoyed eating and helped my body to heal itself at the same time. Because ya gotta enjoy your new symptom-free life at the same time!

After a year of intense research and geeking out on anything and everything gut health and what to eat, what not to eat, foods that cause inflammation and prevent healing, I discovered the true healing power of food and I finally healed my gut.

By providing my body with the right tools and nutrients, my body was able to heal itself from the inside-out.

Through the power of my own healing journey, I knew that it was my life's purpose to help other women experience the truly remarkable healing power of their body. And I have been doing just that! For the last 3 years, I've been helping women on their journeys to better health, more energy, and live more vibrant lives.

And because I love learning about health and nutrition so much and always striving to provide the best results for my clients, I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to add even more tools to my toolkit to help you get the best healing results!

Know that you are not alone in this journey! You CAN heal your body. You CAN change your life. You CAN feel good & confident again. I did it. My clients are doing it, and so can YOU! Let's unleash the healing power of your body together - one bite at a time!

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